Cheap Color Contacts For Halloween

Halloween is a time that brings out each one’s creativity in a big way – from head to toe everyone wants to be dressed up to the nines.

One way of enhancing your Halloween look is by using cheap color contacts for Halloween, contact lenses custom-made to complement any special effects make up or theatrical get up. But if you’re suffering from astigmatism, seeing around non-prescription contact lenses may make it difficult to focus on having a good time.

Having astigmatism is difficult enough, what with having to squint and blink a lot to be able to see where you’re going. Add wearing heavy eyeglasses or contact lenses that irritate your eyes when they rotate in your eyes and it’s enough to ruin the one’s holiday.  But with the advent of toric contact lenses, bearing astigmatism may not be so hard after all and getting cheap color contacts for Halloween an exciting prospect to look forward to.  However, for those who will be using contact lenses for the first time, it may be wise to check out this list of pointers for safe insertion and removal (after all, no one would be too psyched to poke themselves in the eye.)

  • Have paper towels at hand for when your eyes water.
  • With clean hands, place the lens on your index finger, bright side or design side down. The lens should sit curved on your finger, no bent edges. If the lenses feel dry, dip it in a bit of contact lens solution. Never use water to lubricate.
  • With your right middle finger, pull down your lower eyelid then with your left middle finger pull up your upper eyelid. Either look straight ahead or up.
  • Looking straight ahead, place the lens in the middle of your eye then gently remove your index finger. If process was done correctly, the lens will stay on your eye.
  • Keep your eye open, look left then right before blinking.  This will make sure the lenses are centered.
  • Look in the mirror. The lens should be in the center of your eye.  Good job if it is.

To remove the lens, open your eyes wider, gently push the lens with your index finger to the outer corner of your eye then pinch the lens between your thumb and index finger. Store in a specially designed container with solution to clean any dirt and impurities.  With a little practice, one can be an expert in inserting and removing contact lenses in no time!

Oh and one all important tip to remember: It is better to go with quality contact lenses, than to choose the cheapest color contacts in the market and than have problems with them. Always inform yourself well before ordering that super pair of cheap color contacts for Halloween.